Friday, September 3, 2010

The Guest Blog

Thanks to my friend and fellow AFED Board member, Jenn B Says, today I'm actually a featured writer on another site.  Everyone check me out on Blogger Body Calendar.  Most of you who are here already know this story.  Some may not.  Some people who don't know us at all will now see it and have access to a hard, personal part of our lives.  There's something a little scary about that.  Is this exploitation of my lost child?  Or is this a vain attempt at redemption?  Or, is this a chance to save someone else from going down a long, dark road?  Maybe all of the above.  What it is undeniably is our true story, so follow the link and read my story and then stay around to read some of the others who have blogged there.  I'm not really in their same league, I don't think.  I'll fill you in on how we came to be there later on.

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