Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Apologies

I was so inspired by the news of Mrs. Clarence Thomas soliciting an apology from Anita Hill that I decided it was time I ponied up some of my own.  To the following people, I would like to offer up my most humble apologies:

To Rush Limbaugh, for thinking you are a wannabe who can't really do, so you talk about it on the radio.  I should not have thought bad things about you, despite your own mean-spirited, short-sighted view points, such as calling photos released of the President "satanic" looking.  What in the world would possess you to say such a nonsensical, hurtful thing about anybody on air, let alone a sitting United States President?  Nonetheless, I should not have thought when I heard it, "Oh, well, consider the source:  a slob of a pill-popping jackass trying to make a buck by being a professional horse's ass."  That was just plain mean of me.  Kind of like calling someone "demonic" looking, wouldn't you say?

To Glenn Beck:  for thinking you are possibly the most dangerous man in America, preaching hate and fear to thousands who are too ignorant to know better.  I have been told by some of my more conservative friends that you consider yourself a comedian.  See, I didn't realize all that hateful crap you spew like so much toxic vomit was supposed to be funny.  I mean, who knew?  Surely you can forgive me for the mistake.  

To Sarah Palin:  I should not have made the statements that your ego is bigger than the state of Alaska and that you are only in it for yourself and the money you can make espousing socially conservative values that your own family cannot live up to.  I should remember the wise adage that if you cannot say something nice about someone you should say nothing at all.  From this point forward, therefore, I will be struck moot in regards to you.

To Sharron Angle:  I am sorry that you are a fellow female.  I really can't say more than that after your speech to the Rancho High School Hispanic Student Union.  The sad thing is I think I may actually understand what it is that she was trying to convey, but she botched it so badly that all I can be is mortified.

To Christine O'Donnell:  I am sorry that my general impression is that this has got to be a sick joke.  I am sorry because I'm sure you're actually really working hard on this campaign and that, in a way, you prove what we were all told growing up:  that anyone can grow up and run for public office.  But, really, c'mon...

And, finally, my sincere apologies to President Obama.  A lot of us worked hard to put a good man in office, but it was exhausting and it was expensive.  Personally, I've had a lot happen since that election two years ago - it seems like eons ago actually.  So, as we approach the critical mid-term elections, I don't have the kind of energy that I need to really rise up and combat these blasts of what I can only truly describe as complete idiocy that seem to be rocking the political landscape lately.  Forgive me for being tired and burned out.   I am genuinely afraid of the direction the company is leaning toward currently, led by people who have been radicalized by the work we all did two years ago.  They have the right to put forth their view, but unchecked I fear they will take us in a dangerous direction.  I should be manning phone banks, going door-to-door, whatever it takes.  But, I can barely keep my eyes open.  There's no way I can engage in political discourse.  Am I guilty of abdicating our future to people who frighten me and do not have the interests of all of us at heart?  If so, I am so truly sorry.

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