Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bad Karma

I want to interrupt my tale of Marissa's bravery to face the evil dust bunnies and looming memories of the upstairs to pout a little.  I just can't help myself.  I am officially a sore loser.  But, I should get used to it:  in the last year and a half, the Steelers failed to make the playoffs, the Pens got knocked out of the playoffs much earlier than expected, Santonio Holmes decided to let his asshole flag fly, Big Ben became a Big Butt, Adam Lambert lost last year's American Idol and just a few moments ago, Crystal Bowersox got beat by a nice guy, but not nearly her vocal equal.

Dude, if I am your fan, you should run for cover because bad things are  sure to happen.  It's as though my Black Cloud is so large and intense it spills over.  So, I am angrily frustrated that the single mom who loves her kid so much and is so talented is not the new American Idol.  I know she'll be okay and that her future is secure, but still I wanted this immediate gratification for her.  She worked hard and sacrificed a lot of time with her son to get to that moment.  She reached for the dream, I believe, for the right reasons.  So did What's-His-Name, but whatever, I'm pouting and being gracious does not go along with that activity.

I did, however, get my letter to the editor published in Sports Illustrated.  I seem to be the recurring voice to be reckoned with if you are an NFL quarterback doing bad things.  I was published the first time when I wrote about Michael Vick.  That was sort of fun to find out today, that I have a mild moment of fame.  But, it does not lessen the frown on my face right now.  I mean, c'mon America, what were you thinking?  Crystal is amazing.

And where was David Cook tonight?  The thought of having DC and Casey James on the same stage was every Cougar's dream.  Keep on dreaming.  Fantasizing, more like.

With a heavy sigh, I'll put my pout away and know that the really important thing is that Crystal Bowersox will still be with us tomorrow.  Her talent has been found, it won't be lost now just because she didn't win some schmaltzy talent show.  I will buy her music, I will see her perform, and she will raise her son, with all the joys and sorrows something like that entails.  She will have experiences my daughter never will, and I will be happy for her with each step she takes.

Well, okay, I'll put my pouty face away in a minute anyway, I'm going to stomp around a little bit longer first.  In the meantime, congratulations Mommasox on being true to yourself and for coming so far.  You are just beginning.  And you are just too good to be mainstream.

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  1. Seems a lot of my friends are upset about the whole American Idol thang. I don't watch it, so I will take your word for it. Congrats on the letter to SI! I would like to read your Michael Vick letter, though. Please send it to me. I got some play from Huff Post readers on my blog - closest I've come to your letter to the ed.