Friday, August 14, 2009

A New Season

Pittsburgh Steelers vs Arizona Cardinals
I have to admit I was scared when the ESPY's aired. I made Greg watch it live because I figured the Steelers would figure prominently during the program. There was a modest contingent of Steeler players there, less than had shown up after Super Bowl XL, but they were key faces, up to and including Big Ben Rothelisberger (the starting quarterback for the great unwashed). After the initial shock of seeing Ben still with all his off season weight so close to training camp, I really didn't care much. I watched it almost out of obligation. Since I had put up such a fuss to watch it when it first aired over Greg's proposal to watch it later and forward through the commercials, I didn't feel I could very well tell him he was right. Of course, had we done what he wanted, I wouldn't have had to watch the inspiring speech of the small town coach who was being presented with the Jim Valvano award. I was at a low point in the post funeral period and was really close to giving up. When I listened to him speak, very effectively I might add with a dash of humor, I thought to myself, "Well, shit, I wish I hadn't seen that because I can't exactly throw in the towel now." For those of you who didn't see it, here's some information: But, almost a larger downer for me was the fact that there was a group of my favorite people winning several awards, and I really could care less. I began to worry that, after all these months of waiting impatiently for the season to begin, it wouldn't matter to me. I would be too far gone to care.

I am almost grateful for the woman who filed the baseless lawsuit against Ben, because that got my dander up, and I started to think, "Well, if I can get worked up about this, then that means I'm feeling something." I took that as a good thing.

Last night the Steelers had their first pre-season game, and I am happy to report I reacted like any good member of the Steeler Nation. I cheered, I yelled at the officiating crew, I made fun of Matt Leinert for being a pretty boy, and I was irritated that news of Michael Vick's signing kept interrupting the game or at least really distracting it. I loved watching the young players make good. That Mike Wallace made a show of it, didn't he? And he provided us with plenty of 60 Minutes inspired puns. I really hope he makes the team. I love preseason for that reason. It's exciting to watch it when someone young makes it to the big time like that. It's their own mini-Super Bowl. I always tried to imagine what that must feel like.

I feel a little like someone who wakes up from a really bad car crash and has to check to see if all their limbs are still where they're supposed to be. I think I have a pretty serious heart injury still, but at least my Steelers are still with me. Bring on Kickoff Weekend. I am ready.

Washington Redskins v Baltimore Ravens

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