Wednesday, May 20, 2009

David Cook's Mom

2008 American Music Awards - Red Carpet

David Cook's mother has been on my mind a lot lately. I had missed the news that his brother Adam had died until I saw his performance on American Idol tonight. That was a rough way for me to find out. Nothing in comparison to how it must have been for him to get up there and keep it together under the circumstances. But, I must have felt it somehow - some ripple in the space/time continium or some such nonsense, because I have been thinking about his mother for a few weeks and considered mentioning her in this blog several times. For one thing, she gave us David Cook, whom I have a very cougar-esque interest in. More than that, I always admired how she conducted herself during the competition last year. There she sat, proud as punch, week after week, while her son competed, never knowing whether she would be congratulating him or consoling him on Wednesday night, all the while juggling the stress of his performances with the stress of another child dealing with a devastating terminal illness. Always with a smile on her face. One of my staff, Sheila Brosie, got a chance to attend a performance last year and ran into her and her husband in the terminal. They chatted with one another and Sheila mentioned why she was there. They asked her who her favorite was and she told them David Archueluta. Only then did it come out who they were, and they handled her favoring another competitor with grace and humor. But I think I really came to admire her earlier this year when the cameras showed her in the audience when her son performed his new single on the show. I knew things weren't going well at that point for Adam, but there she was singing along, just adoring her little boy and enjoying that moment. She was the picture of grace under pressure, and my heart just bleeds for her now. Nothing, in all my eight plus years of struggling with kids in crisis and hard times with an aging parent, compares to what she has endured. I highly doubt there is any sadness in life compared to losing a child, no matter how old that child is. I would not have been so gracious, calm and pulled together in her shoes. May David and his family find peace in knowing that the suffering is at an end for Adam Cook. I will try and absorb the lesson I have learned from their amazing mother.


  1. hahaha you said cougar!!!

    this is kelsey, btw. i mada an account so's i could cyber-stalk you.

    i love you

  2. Kelsey, by the way, explained to me last night that I am not a true cougar in that I do not actively seek the company of much younger men, and David Cook is too old to qualify. To that, I say this: I am old enough to be his mother, and if you put him in my vicinity, my husband is well aware he would probably need to chain me down. Therefore, I think I qualify. Not that I am particularly proud of that, but I am old, not dead.